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Take a Bite out of Blondie’s Cookies

April 18th, 2014

ck1How many times have you been to Glenbrook Mall? Next time you’re there, stop in for a treat at Blondie’s Cookies. Although many places offer desserts as an afterthought, Blondie’s has only one thing on their mind and that is creating cookies that keep you coming back for more. With several dozen different kinds of treats, there is hardly a lack of selection. From Cheesecake Brownies to Red Velvet Sprinkles, they offer the best of everything.
My favorites are the S’mores Bar and the Chocolate Chip Cookies. The S’mores Bar is for when I really need a little extra sugar fix and the Chocolate Chip Cookies are for my everyday cookie needs. I enjoy the Chocolate Chip cookies because they don’t cause me to go into a sugar coma when I’m done. It’s the perfect amount of chocolate chips in each cookie and bite. I love that their location and staff are always bright and smiling, and the cookies are always fresh.
cokie1In addition to all of their unique cookie selections, they also offer a wide variety of Gift Boxes. From small gift baskets to large Party Trays, Waiter on the Way’s online Blondie’s Cookies menu offers details on anything you might need for an office party, birthday celebration, or even a little comfort food after a long day’s work. Don’t forget to check out the Take & Bake Gifts, too!
Whether you are a regular at their Glenbrook location or are trying their cookies for the first time, Blondie’s is the place to be for all things “cookie”! Waiter on the Way offers delivery from them seven days a week. Place your order today at 260-422-FOOD and keep that sugar tooth happy!
By Stephen J. Bailey, a Writer, Blogger, & Social Media / Web / SEO Developer living & working in Downtown Fort Wayne.

Give Me Something Fresh: Salsa Grille

April 12th, 2014

salsa-grille2I have been hearing about Salsa Grille for a long time from friends. There are a lot of elements that play into the success of a restaurant but when the jury is out about whether or not to return, it usually comes down to one thing: “How was the food?” The food is exactly what I have been hearing about including the variety, the taste, and even the freshness.
I did some digging and found out that the food is definitely fresh and for good reason. All of their flavorful ingredients come directly from George’s International Market, located in downtown Fort Wayne. There have been many times that I have made trips to George’s just for the fresh avocados and tomatoes. You take the right elements and base them around a simple, easy to navigate menu like Salsa Grille has provided for us and what you end up with is a delicious meal.
I had lunch delivered this week from Salsa Grille thanks to Waiter on the Way, and it left me wanting more. With multiple salsa options that range from uniquely sweet to a little spicy, Salsa Grille is providing something completely unique to the Fort Wayne restaurant scene. Offering up standard entrees like burritos, bowls, and taco salads, they allow the customer to make each dish unique by selecting their own salsa to bring everything together with that sweet taste in the end.
salsa-grille1I tried the Fiesta Taco Salad with multiple salsa options delivered on the side including extra guacamole. It was heavenly. Each bite had a little crunch and a lot of flavor. I might have even slid my fingers around the inside of the container just looking for one last taste of the their sweet salsa after finishing my salad. When it comes to authentic food that is finger licking good, Salsa Grille is only a phone call away thanks to Waiter on the Way. Enjoy! I know I sure did.
By Stephen J. Bailey, a Writer, Blogger, & Social Media / Web / SEO Developer living & working in Downtown Fort Wayne.

My Obsession with Sakura: A Sushi Love Story

April 4th, 2014

photo-2-2It started out like any other lunch date. I began with Clear Soup and an Avocado Salad, and then graduated to a couple rolls of fresh sushi. It seemed harmless. Looking back, I recall thinking with each bite, that this food was melting in my mouth. That for relatively healthy food, how could this seriously taste this good? However it wasn’t until I left that I understood the impact of that first taste of Sakura, located at 5828 West Jefferson Blvd.
I started realizing that I was thinking about this place all the time. I love to eat. It’s one of my favorite things to do but this was different. I found myself craving the sushi from Sakura. Weekly budgets were made. Fantasy sushi mix and match menus were created. I mean, there were rolls at Sakura that I had never even seen in sushi restaurants in Chicago or Austin. I’m talking about the Black Diamond Roll (pictured) that is filled with crab meat, avocado, shrimp tempura rolled and deep fried topped with green onion, caviar, eel sauce and spicy panzu sauce. I’m also talking about the Queen’s Roll (pictured) that is filled with fresh salmon, avocado, cream cheese, and topped with tuna.
photo-3Even writing this, it’s taking everything in me not to call in a Waiter on the Way delivery from Sakura like I did last night after a particularly demanding day. Sushi is more than just dinner; it’s a reward. Sushi, when done right, is the feel-good food that you don’t have to feel guilty about because of too many calories or carbs.
So why Sakura? Honestly, it’s because of their originality and the fresh, delicious taste in each bite of their rolls. Sushi has continued to grow in popularity over the last few years in Fort Wayne. There definitely are a number of places to eat good sushi here in town, and trust me, I’ve eaten at all of them. However, Sakura provides that extra flavor and it’s usually that one extra sauce or ingredient that goes above and beyond to bring together the other pieces of the roll for a fine-tuned taste. Enjoy!
By Stephen J. Bailey, a Sushi-holic, Writer, Blogger, & Social Media / Web / SEO Developer living & working in Downtown Fort Wayne.

Get the Goods without the Wait!

March 28th, 2014

photo-3-16Texas Roadhouse has one location in Fort Wayne and is a favorite dining location for many people in town. If you dine there regularly, you know this. It’s not uncommon to have to look hard for a free parking spot and it’s not a question of whether or not there will be a line of devoted customers but if you can find a place to stand while waiting for an empty table to come up. Texas Roadhouse handles all of this well. The staff is always moving quickly, and is incredibly kind to customers. If anything, it testifies to how good their food is because I know many people that are willing to wait a long time for a table.
I have a solution for those of you that love the food at Texas Roadhouse but don’t necessarily love waiting in line. Waiter on the Way offers the entire Texas Roadhouse menu on their website. You know what I’m talking about. Those delicious sirloin steaks, the one of a kind cactus blossom, BBQ ribs, and everything else your heart desires is up for delivery. If you’re down for some serious finger licking food, look no further than Texas Roadhouse.
photo-2-16I stopped in, waited for my parking spot, waited for my table, and let me tell you that it was worth it. I rarely eat meat but when I do, you can’t beat the ribs from Texas Roadhouse. It’s layered in fresh BBQ sauce and with the combination of their sweet potatoes, it seriously melted in my mouth. I haven’t felt that full in a long time and there was no regret. The service was great and the food went a long way. Treat yourself to the best that Texas Roadhouse has to offer!
By Stephen J. Bailey, a Writer, Blogger, & Social Media / Web / SEO Developer living & working in Downtown Fort Wayne.

Coney Island Celebrates 100 Years!

March 21st, 2014

ci1I’m going to share an embarrassing photo with you because I want you to see the true face of happiness. Being photographed while eating a stack of Coney Dogs is not necessarily my idea of a good time but once those dogs hit the counter, I just have to go for it. Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island has a taste that can’t be duplicated, and that goes without saying by the amount of food they sell every single day from their downtown location. If you’re looking for a number, try two thousand because that’s how many Coney Dogs they sell on an average day. Yes, a day.
2014 is in full swing and Coney Island is celebrating their one hundredth year in business, from the same downtown spot that we have all grown to love. If you haven’t stopped by recently, check out their new banner that is proudly being displayed above their famed sign in front. The great thing about Coney Island is that even though the world has changed dramatically in the last century, they have managed to keep their menu the same. It’s delicious, it’s reliable, and it’s there for us seven days a week.
ci2In addition to their Coney Dogs, they also sell hamburgers, chili, pie, chili cheeseburgers, and much more (including the Coke bottles that everyone loves.) Coney Island has stood the test of time because they found a formula that works and they have done a great job at maintaining it. Now, Waiter on the Way is able to bring all of this to you. Check out the entire Coney Island menu on the Waiter on the Way website. Place your order, and wait for the magic to arrive at your door step. Whether you are celebrating down at their restaurant or from the comfort of your couch, we all congratulate Coney Island on this huge milestone. Everyone raise your Coke bottle and cheers them to another hundred years of success!
By Stephen J. Bailey, a Writer, Blogger, & Social Media / Web / SEO Developer living & working in Downtown Fort Wayne.

Dash-In and hang out!

March 14th, 2014

fort wayne dash-inDash-In has been a staple in downtown Fort Wayne for years. I remember when I was finally twenty-one and able to get in. After seeing older friends stop in for lunch or a drink in the evening, I coveted this place when I would drive by. Having been around since before downtown became cool again, the Dash (as it is affectionately called by patrons) has earned its place in Fort Wayne history. Even though they card to get in, I never feel like I’m in a club or a bar atmosphere. If anything, the Dash is just cool enough to be exclusive but warm, and friendly enough to be a great family spot for those over twenty-one. For those simply looking to escape the sound of children crying during a dinner conversation, the Dash is the place to be.
dash-in fort wayneFew places can be good at many things and do it well. However, the Dash-In does just that. The food is delicious but with many healthy options for those that pay close attention to gluten products. Their coffee is unique and fresh, the alcohol selection is wide and one of a kind, their desserts are homemade, and they are THE source for grilled cheese done right in Fort Wayne. Food aside, they also have a unique atmosphere that allows for large group gatherings, intimate conversations over dinner in the back of the restaurant, and great bands playing on most Friday and Saturday evenings. Did I mention the service? My servers are always informative and attentive.
If you aren’t able to make it to Dash-In in person or simply miss their food and can’t find the time in your schedule, I have the solution. Give Waiter on the Way a call at 260-442-3663. The entire Dash-In menu is available on the Waiter on the Way website and is one of the most expansive menus that they carry. From fresh salads, soups, sandwiches, to appetizers, dinners, and desserts there is something for everyone. Also, if you are a coffee lover, try their Vietnamese Coffee (located under “Barista Specialties” on the online menu). It is one of my favorite coffee drinks in Fort Wayne!
By Stephen J. Bailey, a Writer, Blogger, & Social Media / Web / SEO Developer living & working in Downtown Fort Wayne.

Biaggis Ristorante Italiano: Not Your Average Italian Restaurant

March 7th, 2014


Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, Fort Wayne

Biaggi’s has been around for years and is frequented by both regulars and visitors. As a regular guest, I have taken a wide range of friends to dinner and met business contacts for lunch at Biaggi’s over the years. My friends are quick to think of all of the pasta options when they order from Biaggis (with good reason) but I find myself returning frequently because of a few menu items that I can’t find anywhere else. They not only create amazing food but the staff and presentation (from the delivery of the bread to the way the food looks on the plate) is unique to Biaggi’s.
Soups and salads might sound like a simple menu feature, yet Biaggi’s has completely mastered them. I often find myself ordering bowl after bowl because it is so delicious. The Roasted Beet Salad is one of my absolute favorite meals, not only at Biaggi’s but in Fort Wayne. The taste of avocado, whipped garlic-herb Montchevré goat cheese, beets, and Biaggi’s unique honey balsamic marinade is an amazing combination. Not to mention the arugula, field greens, sun-dried cranberries, and toasted pistachio that make for a perfect salad. After a long day, when I have no energy left to cook a good meal, there have been many times that Waiter on the Way has raised my spirits by delivering Biaggi’s right to my doorstep.
That’s the great thing about Biaggi’s. Even if you aren’t able to stop by their restaurant, they somehow find a way to package up the atmosphere of the restaurant and deliver it right to your home thanks to Waiter on the Way. Extra sides for the bread, silverware, and packaged containers so that my food doesn’t run together before I’m ready for my meal are all little perks that go a long way.
Now is a great time to take advantage of Waiter on the Way and order a meal from Biaggi’s as they are one of the Restaurants of the Month! If you order $25 in food, delivery is FREE! If ordering online, use the code MARCH or mention it when you place your order with Waiter on the Way’s friendly staff. View their entire menu online and find all kinds of options including pasta, seafood, dessert, and more! With winter holding on for as long as possible this year, Waiter on the Way is a great way to surprise your family with delicious food from Biaggi’s without having to leave your home. You won’t be dissappointed!
By Stephen J. Bailey, a Writer, Blogger, & Social Media / Web / SEO Developer living & working in Downtown Fort Wayne.

Enjoy Casa at lunch

February 24th, 2014

226862_2841Waiter on the Way, Fort Wayne’s Premier Restaurant Delivery Service is proud to offer the entire menu of Casa Restaurants for delivery for any occasion.  Waiter on the Way can now deliver the lunch menu, dinner menu, and catering menu from any of the Casa restaurant locations including: Casa Mare on Parnell, Casa Grille on Dupont, Casa Grille on Stellhorn, and Casa Ristorante on West Jefferson.

With the addition of the new Casa lunch menu, you can enjoy any of your favorite Casa entrees delivered hot and fresh right to your door!  The excellent meals start at just $5.29 on this new lunch menu.

Not only is the lunch menu of Casa now available, they also have lunch specials available Monday through Saturday.  What better way to save money on lunch then ordering in with Waiter on the Way?

The delivery fee for Casa is just $5.39, and by informing your co-workers or family members of this new addition to our menu, you can share this cost with the other members who order with you to make having meals delivered to you cost less then you can imagine.  Waiter on the Way will drive to Casa, pick up your meals, store them in hot bags, and proceed promptly to your address for delivery and setup of your delicious Casa meals.

Also, don’t forget that Waiter on the Way can deliver dinner items, along with a wide array of catering options for any number of guests that you may need to feed.  Half pans of Casa’s catering entrees are estimated to serve about 10 people, while the full pans average around 20 people, and the famous Casa bread and butter will be served with all catering meals.

Try these dinner party tips

February 17th, 2014

Planning to have some friends over for dinner? Follow these five, fool-proof tips to ensure an easy and successful soiree:


1. Use tried and true recipes: Instead of trying to impress your guests with a new dish, I suggest reinventing a favorite to give it a new twist. This way you won’t risk potentially messing up a new recipe.

2. Pre-made dishes are your friend: Think options like a hearty dish of lasagna or black bean enchiladas that will taste OK the next day. Avoid complicated meals that you have to prepare while people are there to enjoy your company-not watch you cook.

3. Say yes to help: Remember…you can never have too many salads or desserts. Don’t be shy in accepting offers from friends to bring side dishes.

4. It’s all about the ‘extras’: Special touches can go a long way.Think  fresh breads from the bakery, olive oil for dipping, or a platter of local cheeses from the grocery.

5. Relax: Clean your house before the guests arrive, but don’t forget to make time for you. Have a glass of wine, meditate…do whatever calms you. That way you can be relaxed when it’s ‘go time.’

Waiter on the Way: a stress-free option for meals

February 10th, 2014

pizzaDriving across town to pick up a take-out order can be costly. Add up the cost of gas, and the value of your precious time, and it’s easy to see why so many Fort Wayners turn to Waiter on the Way for delivery from their favorite restaurants!

Having someone else cook you exactly what you want and then bring it to you is an experience that can’t be described in words. Blissful. Euphoric. Exciting. Okay, maybe there are a few words that work. The point is, it’s freakin’ awesome.

How does your food magically arrive at your doorstep? Our rockstar delivery drivers make it happen. They brave the elements, traffic jams, and occasional ninjas, just to feed you. And that moment when the doorbell rings is more exciting than a thousand Elvis-impersonating kittens singing the National Anthem at the Puppy Bowl.

So, remember we’re here to help you. Enjoy your food, enjoy the time you get back in your day, and most of all, enjoy the delightful feeling of being taken care of. So whether you’re working late, in need of a one-night staycation, or just don’t feel like cooking – let us handle the food. Your only job is to enjoy every minute of it.

Bon appetit!