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Qui’s is a crowd pleaser

Monday, December 17th, 2012

It’s always exciting when our restaurant partners get some press. Did you see this review of  Qui’s in the Dec. 2 issue of the Journal Gazette?

In case you’re not familiar,  Qui’s Vietnamese  Chinese (formerly Mandarin Chinese) has been a Fort Wayne favorite since they have opened.  Qui’s offers excellent Vietnamese and Chinese food at reasonable prices and also offers a lunch special for only $1.45 extra, on top of the lunch pricing.  Qui’s is also a popular catering choice for anyone looking to serve Chinese  or Vietnamese food to their guests.

What is your favorite Qui’s menu item?


Dinner That Stacks Up

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

What food group does YOUR body need right now?

What food group does YOUR body need right now?

You want it?  You need it?  We got it!  Restaurants with Italian food, restaurants with Mexican food—whatever your body is craving right now, we’ve got it.  Chinese?  Check.  Indian?  Check.  Japanese?  You know it.  Maybe just some good old fashioned American steaks and burgers—really people, we’ve got you covered.  Even if you’re looking to just top off some of your own home cooking with some outside dessert, Waiter on the Way will get you connected.  260-442-FOOD.  It’s that simple.  Let your appetite dial the phone, and we’ll do the rest.  Oh yeah, did we mention Greek food?  And Thai….and Vietnamese….and delicatessen….and breakfast all day….and, well, you get the picture.