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Cindy’s Diner Fort Wayne Now Available!

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Cindy's Diner Fort Wayne

Cindy's Diner Fort Wayne

Cindy’s Diner in Fort Wayne, located at the corner of Wayne & Harrison is now available for delivery from Waiter on the Way!  Cindy’s Diner was one of Fort Wayne’s first fast food restaurants and still has that nostalgia and atmosphere of the “good old days”. 


Monday - Saturday: 6AM - 2PM
Sunday 7AM - 2PM

Cindy’s Diner offers excellent diner foods you may have grown up to love, including such classics as the ham & cheese, pork tenderloin, patty melt, along with great milkshakes and root beer floats.

About Cindy’s Diner:

Purchased for $6,000 in 1952 by Noah Clauss, one of Fort Wayne’s first fast food restaurants was located at the northwest corner of Clinton and Jefferson Streets, sold and renamed Paul’s Diner in 1960, it remained a localo hangout.

In 1966 the building was relocated to the southwest corner of Clay and Berry streets, where it became a hangout for the local police, and famous for its breakfast entree “garbage”, as Marge’s Diner.

In 1990, restored to its original luster, it was dubbed “Cindy’s Diner” and moved to its present location to the delight of nostalgia buffs and others who enjoy the excellent food and cheery atmosphere.

In 1997, the addition of the Murphy’s Dime Store donut machine adds to the nostalgia and memories of the “good old days” in downtown Fort Wayne.